The Success of New Chicago Riverwalk


Chicago has benefited from its unique form of architecture, riverwalk. Before looking into this event, I was not fully aware of how a certain architecture or even design positively influenced to society as a whole. As shown in a picture above, riverwalk in Chicago holds a pivotal role in transforming once-neglected downtown riverfront into a showcase public space.


At first, it looked like a commonly found riverfront and busy road above it. Then, as I kept engaging in more description and pictures, I realized that constructing a riverwalk was phenomenal idea towards increasing public interests. It is important to consider the effects of architectures on surroundings, especially the way that people interact with.



Honest opinion about the new Sky Park “Seoullo”


Today, Mayor of Seoul, Won-soon Park officially opened Seoul’s new public garden Skygarden, Seoullo 7017, a  983-metre  botanical floating walkway, a transformed former city highway. Reborn as a linear park with over 200 local species of trees, shrubs and flowers, all of which are lined as a walkable plant library for residents and visitors to the city. “Skygarden offers a living dictionary of plants which are part of the natural heritage of South Korea”. Winy Maas, MVRDV co-founder, said in his introduction speech today. 

Seoullo, the Korean name for Skygarden translates to ‘towards Seoul’ and ‘Seoul Street’, while 7017 marks the overpass’ construction year of 1970, and its new function as a public walkway in 2017. The pedestrianised viaduct next to Seoul’s main station is the next step towards making the city and especially the central station district, greener, friendlier and more attractive, whilst connecting all patches of green in the wider area.