Bernard Tschumi/ Parc de la Villette


Unlike other architects, Bernard Tschumi, the award-winning Swiss-French architect, has put different perspective on the idea of architecture. The notion that architecture is defined by space and form is widely known. However, he specified this concept by stating the importance that architecture is also about the action and event. He believed that there would be no architecture without events, actions or activity. This has accounted for significant part of his work, where the events and movements of living things should be considered in the form of architecture. Addressing this belief into his buildings, Bernard said “I would like people in general, and not only architects, to understand that architecture is not only what it looks like, but also what happens in it.”

In 1983, he won the international competition by constructing Parc de la Villette. Since Tschumi’s idea in this building was based on activity, it was possible for him to combine the idea of movement and events in the definition of architecture.

Therefore, Tschumi has made unprecedented definition of architecture, and it affected other architects by changing their limited view of buildings.


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